Welcome to Sporteevo club manager guide

Welcome to Sporteevo club manager guide, in these pages you will find all the necessary help to set and manage at best your Club and get the maximum from the service!

The sports center cannot receive online bookings until our support department has certified the correctness of the settings and carried out its own verification of eligibility for publication.

To return to Sporteevo.com please click on www.sporteevo.com

Configure your sports center to receive online reservations

To start receiving online bookings, each sports center must complete a series of settings required to publish its facilities.

Once you are in your Club Admin Control Panel:

1. Insert all your Club Information in the 'Club Settings' menu item

2. Upload your club logo and fulfill Club Info so your portal club page is complete

Go to the Club Info page:

3. Create and customize your first court

Go to the Sports fields page and click on 'Add Field' to define and customize your first court:

4. Define price and settings of the Court:

On the new Sport Court page define all the settings according to your needs:

5. Connect your Club to Stripe

In order to be able to receive payments from players' bookings, the Club Admin has to connect their club to Stripe Connect platform.

If your Club is not connected yet to Stripe, please click on the button 'Receive Payments'.

By clicking the button you will be redirected to Stripe platform, where, by following the instruction you will create a Stripe account for your Club, so you will be able to start receiving online credit card payments from players.

After Stripe wizard is complete, Stripe will redirect to Sporteevo and you will see a message that your club is finally onboard in the Sporteevo.com network.

6. Fill in the booking calendar

You can prefill on the calendar, with customized placeholders (Tournaments, School, etc..) the hours on the calendar you don't want to be booked by players.

7. All is set up!

At this point, all the basic configuration is done and your Club is ready and public online!

To have the confirmation you will receive a notification mail and in the Admin Control Panel you should not see any red warning message boxes.

For any question regargind configuration, you can just send an email to info@sporteevo.com .

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